here we go


I must admit that this blogging thing is sort of mysterious to me but strangely attractive. I am going to try to start with my rationale for the blog title and domain name (whatever that really means). I want to thank the folks who created spellcheck right out of the gate. I have already been prompted to correct myself three times and I am only on sentence four. I do believe that it takes a village, as Hillary says, and spellcheck is a part of my village! Without it, y’all would all see just how spelling-challenged I am. Okay, onward and hopefully upward….

My favorite image is that of the Tree of Life. Trees were a big part of my childhood.  We had huge live oaks up and down my street and in and out of every neighborhood and park in my city. The roots of these trees pried up…

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One thought on “here we go

  1. Don’t forget the buckmoth caterpillars.
    Good you weren’t here to see all the oaks down on Fontainebleau after Katrina. We canoed (spelling?) down the street around, over and under the fallen warriors.


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