We are expecting snow. Overnight, there should be 4-6 inches of white blanket draped across our edge of the world. Waking up to fresh snow is breathtaking. Everything is white and only shape distinguishes between tree and bush. There is a deep hush that comes over everything. Walking, driving, talking…all is slightly muffled.


I have found myself quiet.

There is a reality which we are living in our house which is so counter to the reality that we are seeing played out on our national stage. Here, we have found ourselves so blessed by opening our home to a stranger. We have supported life in real and tangible ways and our lives have been so enriched. We have been a refuge and through that have come to see our own privilege. We have heard stories about sides of life that we have never seen ourselves and have been changed by them. We have wiped away tears of our own and of our guests. We have tried to ease fears and have sought guidance when we have been afraid. We have loved and been loved. It is so beautiful. It is humanity at its best.

I savor it in silence.

I have found myself quiet because I do see how I can make a difference. I am living the possibility of positive change. My gaze is shortening. I see people in my house who are fed, housed, clothed, educated, rested, encouraged, seen and known…it is the perfect medicine for me during this chapter of the American story. We are swimming in grace here and we know it. When people tell us that we are applaudable….I want to scream that they are getting it all wrong. We are being blessed with hope. We are being encouraged by seeing our own power for good. We are being reassured that there are things that we can do. We are laying our hands on the work that needs to be done and are able to do some of it.

Still, I have found myself quiet.

I want to reach into the writhing mass of people who ache in the midst of such toxic political leadership and set them down in front of one another so that they can see….can see the one whom they can offer help….can see the one whom they can reach…can see the one whom they can impact. They are out there. There are more-than-enough ones out there for each of us to serve. We do not have to wait for any more executive orders to be signed or any more tweets to fire off…we can start right now. Make the step toward what you want the world to look like.  Be that change that you want to see in the world…as the wise quote states. Wait for no one. Wait for nothing. Just do it.

Our world is changed by each small act of kindness. It is bettered by each conscientious steward. Brokenness is repaired one step at a time and we have the power to take those steps. The remarkable thing is that you will find that your world is changed by the kindness; you are changed by the good stewardship; you are changed by the healing of brokenness. Reaching out only adds to your bounty.

Next week, our guest will begin english classes. She finally feels settled enough and confident enough to take that next step. We have seen her move from going-through-the-paces of life to experiencing joy and making plans for the future. She has the energy to set boundaries for her son. She can see the benefit of a good night’s sleep for him and a tummy full of nutritious food. She does not need to plug him into her phone to keep him quiet enough for her to retreat from the world.

This change did not need an election. It did not need legislation. It needed people.

Take a moment. Quiet the noises of debates and rhetorical battles. Look in the shadows. Look around you. You have places where you can make a difference. You have places where you can effect change. You have places where you are enough.

I am rarely quiet….ask anyone…In this quiet every-day-regular-living, I have felt content.


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